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CA-935557-A: Method and apparatus for measuring uniformity of tires patent, CA-936054-A: Raised edge for stall floors or the like in barns patent, CA-936165-A: 3-carbamoyloxy-pyridine derivatives patent, CA-93654-A: Gond a ressort patent, CA-936752-A: Guiding device for pumps lowerable in shafts patent, CA-93708-A: Cooking stove or range patent, CA-937884-A: Method for isomerizing glucose syrups patent, CA-938243-A: Covering for belt conveyor idler rolls patent, CA-938381-A: Thick film varistor and method for making the same patent, CA-938464-A: Combined carrier gas separator and generator for gas chromatographic systems patent, CA-939058-A: Method and apparatus for creation of cylindrical, single wall domains patent, CA-939179-A: Dispositif d'embrayage coupleur a courroie patent, CA-939347-A: Pyridine thioacetamide derivatives patent, CA-939488-A: Gas oxidation contact apparatus patent, CA-940080-A: Conveyor system patent, CA-941090-A: Photosensitive polyesters patent, CA-941278-A: Shortened apparatus for producing corrugated board patent, CA-941641-A: Aluminum base alloys patent, CA-941706-A: Detergent compositions patent, CA-942030-A: Compound body nozzle for a container holding a liquid melt patent, CA-942149-A: Portable cooking grill patent, CA-942504-A: Rotary mower blade sharpening apparatus patent, CA-942648-A: Laminator patent, CA-942899-A: Vinyl chloride polymer composition patent, CA-942912-A: Molded product and method and apparatus for producing same patent, CA-943034-A: Oil spill removal patent, CA-943331-A: Magnetic devices utilizing garnet compositions patent, CA-943359-A: Mobile refrigeration system patent, CA-943382-A: Method of and apparatus for placing continuous reinforcing in concrete paving patent, CA-943410-A: Filter-and screen cloths made from coated polyester material patent, CA-943532-A: Heat exchanger having resiliently mounted tubular members patent, CA-944311-A: Coloring and oxidized coating on aluminium and its alloys patent, CA-944626-A: Method and apparatus for rough water towing patent, CA-94480-A: Pail graining machine patent, CA-945302-A: Toilet seat patent, CA-945624-A: Method of, and apparatus for ignition timing in internal combustion engines patent, CA-945743-A: Method for attaching wires to a flat article and machine for effecting the same method patent, CA-945785-A: Brazing alloy for elevated temperature service patent, CA-945798-A: Photographic colour material patent, CA-947087-A: Cyclic process for the leaching and recovery of copper values from copper minerals patent, CA-947185-A: Device in striking cutters patent, CA-948040-A: Mechanisms and methods for manufacturing carpets, rugs and the like patent, CA-948106-A: Effervescent preparations patent, CA-948677-A: Ablutionary appliances patent, CA-949190-A: Image pickup tube patent, CA-949696-A: Process for the production of synthetic plastics comprising urethane groups and biuret groups patent, CA-950076-A: Burner safeguard control apparatus patent, CA-950254-A: Process of forming silver transfer images patent, CA-950383-A: Easy-lift pull tab patent, CA-951128-A: Atomization apparatus and method patent, CA-951324-A: Process for the preparation of percarboxylic acids patent, CA-95187-A: Rock drill patent, CA-952170-A: High power factor pipe heater patent, CA-952228-A: Video signal reproducing system patent, CA-952932-A: Trailer hitch and brake actuator patent, CA-952965-A: Gas discharge tube having a number of juxtaposed matrix groups for displaying characters patent, CA-953186-A: Process and apparatus for veneer cutting patent, CA-953227-A: Tubular member patent, CA-954862-A: Derives de l'ethoxycarbonyl-3 hydroxy-5 methyl-2-piperazinomethyl-4 indole substitues, leur procede de preparation et leur application en therapeutique patent, CA-954908-A: Closure controller patent, CA-955162-A: Diagnostic device for obtaining cytologic samples patent, CA-95663-A: Arme a feu patent, CA-957178-A: Linear to rotary machine control patent, CA-957356-A: Supporting and insulating device for a piping system patent, CA-957609-A: Freeze-drying apparatus patent, CA-958048-A: Wheel and axle assembly for a railcar truck patent, CA-958052-A: Vacuum-type circuit breaker comprising series-connected vacuum interrupters patent, CA-958146-A: Process for the preparation of polyphenylene ethers with promoted copper-amine catalysts patent, CA-959630-A: Process for producing silicon oxynitride patent, CA-961047-A: DI-SUBSTITUTED .alpha.-ALKYL-.beta.-PHENETHYLAMINES AND CARBAMIC ACID ESTERS patent, CA-961439-A: Press for hydrostatic extrusion of tubes patent, CA-961754-A: Method of cementing a ceramic liner in a metal tube patent, CA-962281-A: Fluorinated alkyl sulfides and process for their preparation patent, CA-962511-A: Ventilation system patent, CA-962815-A: Method of manufacturing ceramic articles from material in powder form patent, CA-96286-A: Systeme de chauffage a la vapeur patent, CA-963785-A: Protective mesh fabric for vehicle tires patent, CA-964609-A: Method of and apparatus for recovery of sulfuric acid from sulfuric acid solutions of sulfates patent, CA-967021-A: Method and apparatus for measurement of particle size and percent solids in multiple process flowstreams patent, CA-967072-A: Fire-extinguishing apparatus patent, CA-967507-A: Electrolysis in a 3-compartment cell ion exchange membrane and neutral diaphragm patent, CA-968377-A: Overhead grille patent, CA-968506-A: Process for dyeing textiles made of polyester or cellulose triacetate patent, CA-968561-A: Method for molding glass lenses patent, CA-968703-A: Compositions and their use as slime control agents patent, CA-968918-A: Method and an apparatus for cleaning fish patent, CA-969018-A: Tractor hitch system including a vertically swingable drawbar powered by a draft link actuator patent, CA-970336-A: Controlled deflection flexible bladed fan patent, CA-970352-A: Jacking device patent, CA-970891-A: Alkaline-curing corrugating adhesive patent, CA-971791-A: Suction boxes provided with vibratory equipment patent, CA-972034-A: Zinc fibers and needles and galvanic cell anodes made therefrom patent, CA-972080-A: Heat spreader for beam leaded semiconductor devices patent, CA-97218-A: Curedent patent, CA-97338-A: Box fastener patent, CA-973552-A: Esters patent, CA-973588-A: Connector housing removal tool patent, CA-973799-A: Damper-rod scrubber patent, CA-974322-A: Automatic optical bias control for light modulators patent, CA-975062-A: Blanking circuit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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